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o n c e p t   e s i g n   l a n s 

Design Process
1.  Meet & Greet
    On-site meeting to get to know one another, review client's desires and walk through yard together to get a feel for the environment.  A design proposal will be sent detailing the conceptual design process and costs associated.
2.  Project Discovery
     Measurements and photographs will be taken to assist in creating a base plan for both 2D & 3D design.  Designer & client to share inspirational imagery to help guide the design along. Survey plans to be reviewed at this time (if applicable).
3.  Preliminary Concept Design
     Designer & client will meet to review preliminary design progress.  This is where the ideas of client & designer begin to take shape and formulate themselves onto paper.
4.  Final Concept Design
     Designer & client will review progress of the conceptual design to make any minor adjustments necessary.  A presentation of one comprehensive design will follow, concluding the conceptual design process. An option to hire CCY to help facilitate the bid & build process will be presented at this time.
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