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Construction Document Development

Drafting Services
CCY designs offers drafting services needed for projects of any scale
for homeowners, architects, designers & contractors alike:
1.  Construction Documents using LandFx software:
     -Includes Site, Pool, Hardscape, Landscape, Irrigation & Lighting Plans.
2.  Detailed Sections & Elevations using LandFx software:
     -Includes any specific details needed for completion of project.
3.  Permit Ready Plan Sets:
     -Includes all notes, codes, setbacks, details, etc. necessary for city approval.
4.  MWELO Landscape & Irrigation Plan Sets: 
     -Includes Landscape Plan with standard planting notes and details
     -Includes Irrigation Plan, standard details of equipment used, and all necessary schedules & calculations.
5.  3D Conceptual Design Models using SketchUp software:
     -Fully detailed 3D concept design created according to clients design parameters. 
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