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Ever since I can remember, my love for Nature and passion for creative design/ drawing was quite evident. Most of my life since has been spent observing Nature and exploring my creative potential. 


When tasked with deciding what to study in college, my love for Nature and art inspired me to pursue a bachelor degree in landscape architecture. After 14 years in practice, Nature has always been where I go for clarity and peace, which in turn fuels my creative expression in landscape design.


As a designer, my duty is to bring my client's ideas/ needs/ wants to life in an understandable conceptual design.  We will strive to maintain a balance of form & function, respect for the natural environment, and reflect the beauty of Nature throughout.

As a draftsman, my duty is bring my clients already created designs to life in an organized, detailed and professional set of construction documents for purposes of conceptualizing, bidding, permitting and ultimately serving as reference for the construction of the project. 

At any point of the design, planning or build phases of a project, my approach to service is one centered around reliability, efficiency and thoughtful consideration. 


CCY designs

​Chad Christopher Yagodzinski

Experience & Skillsets:
-BS in Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic University of Pomona
-Licensed C-27 Landscape Contractor Lic. #982945
-Member of California Landscape Contractor Association CLCA
-Skilled in drafting construction ready plans for Site, Pool, Hardscape, Landscape,      Lighting and Section/ Elevation Details using Autocad & Land FX software.
-Skilled in designing & developing conceptual designs using Land FX and 3D              models using Sketch Up software.

Landscape Designer | Draftsman 

Location: Redondo Beach CA           |          Telephone: (818) 515-4106          |          Email:          |          Lic.#: 982945

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