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Breath of Life

Yoga & Meditation



  Yogis have known for ages that it is the regularity of breath that brings good health; and that the irregularity of breath is the cause of all illness. That the way to bring order and harmony to our body, to bring order and harmony to our mind, to harmonize body with mind, and to harmonize body and mind with spirit, is by the breath. It is the development, the knowledge of and the practice of breath which help to get ourselves straightened out, to put ourselves in tune and to bring order to our being.


  Within each posture/ asana, students will not only be instructed to align one’s body accordingly, but one will be guided to turn ones attention to breath. We will practice the control of breath, its balance, its rhythm, the expanding, lengthening, broadening and centralizing of the breath. A space will be held for each student to cultivate a relationship with breath, which through consistent practice will come to act as a guide through physical, mental and emotional limitations bringing one inwards toward the ultimate goal of self-discovery.



  My yoga journey began in 2009 as a way to improve my physical health, mental clarity, and creative drive. After experiencing the physical and mental benefits of an asana practice, I delved deeper into the study of yoga and meditation, as an art form, a science and way of life. The practice of yoga in its various names and forms has transformed the internal landscape of my mind into a simpler and more peaceful space. My continued yoga practice allows me to live in balance and harmony within myself and with my surrounding environment.

  As a yoga teacher, I simply wish to share with others what is closest to my heart. The work of the teacher is not to teach, but to tune, to tune the student so that one may become the Divine instrument they are meant to be. My aim for each class is to guide students on an inward exploratory journey, utilizing the tools of breath, postures, mantras, and concentration. No matter where you are on your journey, I invite you to come experience the tranquility and beauty that resides within.

Guidance Experience

Classical Hatha & Hatha Vinyasa Classes

@ Curative Yoga Pasadena — 2014-2017 

Concentration, Visualization & Meditation Classes

@ Curative Yoga Pasadena & Private Outdoor Sessions— 2014-2018 

Gentle Hatha Yoga Class

@ Pasadena Cancer Support Community — 2016 

Classical Hatha & Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Classes

@ Aroka Yoga in Prachin Buri, Thailand — 2017-2018 

One-on-One Spiritual Study Guide — 2016-2018 


Hatha, Flow & Fusion Yoga Guide

Pranayama Healing Breath Guide

One-on-One Spiritual Study Guide

Concentration, Visualization & Meditation Guide

*All offerings are available for group studio classes as well as privates.

*Please contact for pricing information.

Education, Training & Certifications


Regular Yoga Practice  2009-Present

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Certificate

@ Awareness Center 2014

200 hr. Yoga of Mystics Teacher Training Certification

@ Curative Yoga Pasadena 2014 - 2015


500 hr. Yoga of Mystics Teacher Training Certification

@ Curative Yoga Pasadena 2015 - 2017

Teacher’s Assistant for 200 & 500 hr. Yoga of Mystics 

@ Curative Yoga Pasadena 2016 - 2017

Contact Me:
Chad Christopher Yagodzinski

Redondo Beach CA 

Tel: (818) 515-4106

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